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What is a CFP professional and how is it different from a broker?

The Certified Financial Planner® designation, long recognized as the standard for financial planning in Canada and around the world, provides assurance that the design of your financial future rests with an individual who has met the highest standards of knowledge, skills, abilities and ethics in the financial planning profession.

A financial plan is not a one size fits all solution. A CFP professional will work with you to create a plan, tailored to your specific needs and life goals because your goals are as unique as you are. So whether you are looking to buy a home, take that dream vacation, or ensure the people you care about are looked after, a financial plan will help you get – and stay – on track to achieving what you want out of life.

Canadians who work with CFP professionals to develop a financial plan feel significantly better about their emotional and long-term financial well-being and ability to achieve key life goals than people who get their advice from a non-certified advisor.

CFP professionals are guided by a code of ethics based on several principles including integrity, objectivity, competence, fairness, confidentiality, professionalism and diligence. They are committed to putting your interest first, every time.

Discover the benefits of working with a Certified Financial Planner® professional.

Is True Value Financial right for me?

With retirement plan consulting, our clients are typically professionals, two family income households, small to mid-sized businesses. Some clients are new to investing and others are sophisticated investors who have spent decades working in the investment industry or other fields. Whatever your financial background, True Value Financial can help you manage and grow your wealth. We tailor plans that meet your financial goals and are appropriate for your age, level of risk and other factors.

What is a Financial Plan?

I don’t think my broker charges me any fees, so why would it make sense to switch to True Value Financial?

Each broker and financial advisor receive commissions and/ or servicing fees from insurance or fund companies in order to cover managing the practice, compliance, and regulatory and administrative costs. For the vast majority of investors, this is the most suitable way to gain access to affordable investment advice. 

However, for the high net worth clients, we also offer a fee-only investment advice, where we do not accept commissions or payments from fund companies or other third-parties for the sale of financial products. We select the best in their class of mutual funds and exchange traded funds based on rigorous financial analysis, and we always look for low-cost options to try and keep your overall fees down. This helps us to avoid potential conflicts of interest and keeps our interests aligned with our clients.

What is the process of working with a financial advisor? How much time is involved?

Everyone’s situation is different. Investing is a highly regulated field, with a lot of required paperwork. We are committed to helping you set up your accounts as quickly and as easily as possible, and we typically get our clients set up after a few discussions.

I already know how to invest, so why would I sign up with True Value Financial?

One of the most valuable services that True Value Financial provides is holistic planning. We help you assess your needs and goals, then align your investments across all of your investment accounts in a tax-efficient manner.

If your time is limited, you may find it difficult to keep up with your investments, particularly re-balancing across accounts as appropriate. Even experienced investment professionals have difficulty finding the time to manage their own investments, which means it is probably even tougher for people outside of the industry, even if they know how to invest. We provide ongoing monitoring and re-balancing to help keep your investments aligned with your goals.

True Value Financial can help you stay on top of your investments by re-balancing your investments based on an allocation approach that you approve.