Our Approach

At the root of our practice, we believe that every Canadian has the right to sound financial advice. Financial planning is not just about numbers or about how much money one has invested or grown. It is about life! A good financial plan is all encompassing and inclusive. It places your money honoring your values, whether those include family, business, or society.

Whether you plan to be financially secure in retirement or in buying your dream home, providing higher education for your children or looking after your parents, or providing for yourself, in business continuity or succession planning or philanthropic and charitable bequests. Whether navigating the government system or your own employee benefits, addressing financial risks with appropriate and adequate insurance or managing investments – we factor all these in your larger life plan and help you make choices that suit your purpose and values.

Our clients tend to be smart, busy people who know what they don’t know and would like to do something with their time other than day to day management of their financial well being.

We are not for everyone. Over time, we have developed a clear understanding of what is needed for us to serve our clients the best we can.